Introducing Malaysia – Standing in the eyes of the world

Malaysia – located in the South East of Asia is diversified with a mix of culture, races, religions and beliefs. Malays, Indians, Chinese and various other ethnic groups come together as one and live symphonic-ally and peacefully under one roof.

Malaysia is divided into 2 main parts: – Peninsular Malaysia & Malaysia Borneo. Besides that, Malaysia also shares a border with 2 neighboring county which is popularly known as Singapore and Thailand.

Thou Malaysia is now seen as a well-developed country, Malaysia’s magnetism is very contrasting with one another such as a modern nation plus people but existing traditional belief, huge high-rise building but looking down the road, still there’s finding of wooden houses, luxurious five star hotel and restaurants but the same old Kopitiam and mamak corner is still within our hearts.

So Travel To Malaysia NOW!

Langkawi Sky Bridge - nice place to travel in Malaysia

Hence, wait no longer and travel to malaysia now and get to explore what you dont know! Some of interesting facts are also well-known to people on Malaysia – the finding of the largest flower in world – Rafflesia is to be found in Sabah, Malaysia. Around 60 + of ethnic groups can be found in East of Malaysia itself, imagine! What more to find in the peninsular? Penang Free School is also one of the oldest English schools founded in the Southeast Asia. Not forgetting, the FOOD and variety of delicacies in Malaysia is famous word wide. Every state in Malaysia is a paradise of its own when it comes to food! One of the most unique and famous n Malaysia is known as the Nasi Kandar – that was initially brought in by the migrated Indian Muslim. You can see the best of the best and most assortments in Penang!

With the population of 28.86 million and still counting, Malaysia also holds a number of tourists every year from all around the world. One of the famous tourist countries is the neighboring country itself which is from Singapore. The tourists from Singapore just love coming in due to the vacation spots and beautiful beaches surrounding the greenery nature.

The Singaporeans usually prefer taking a bus from Singapore to Malaysia directly as it is much more economical and less taxing as they don’t need worry about paying taxes or reaching the airport few hours earlier in order to board the plane. In other words, by traveling by bus to or within Malaysia, tourist will definitely get the chance to explore and view more fun happenings around them. If you are thinking how to enjoy this great promotions and fantastic deals on buses and attraction packages in Malaysia, www.easybook.com is just the right spot for this!


Malaysia is a multiracial society that is constructed with a solid unity and friendship of various races, ethnics and religions. Malay individuals takes a foremost part of the multicultural society of Malaysia which is about 52% , Chinese individuals about 27% and Indians about 9% while the rest comes under the other group which is a combination of numerous beliefs and religions such as orang Asli’s , Portuguse, Sikhism, Bahai, Christianity and lots more.


Peninsular Malaysia

  • West Coast – is one of the most- developed sides of Peninsular Malaysia consisting of states Malacca, Penang, Perlis, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah, Perak and Selangor, as well as Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. The Chinese population can be found massively mainly in the West Coast of Malaysia.
  • East Coast – Famous for its tropical nature on the island and is usually occupied by the traditional Muslim and Malays.
  • South – Johor, which is the neighbor of Singapore is located here and is famous for its huge and massive palm oil plantations.

East Malaysia

East Malaysia inhabits the northern third of the island of Borneo, which also portions with Indonesia and Brunei and it’s partly shielded in wild jungle rich and natural resources.

  • Sabah – famous for its scuba diving in Sipadan Island and muck diving at Mabul, the federal enclave of Labuan, nature reserves, and mighty Mount Kinabalu.
  • Sarawak – is well-known for enormous jungles, traditional longhouses and national parks.

As for more assortment on attraction places to visit as well as knowing more on the historical sites, do log on to www.tourism.gov.my .