A Gist of Malaysia Travel Guide

Malaysia is a country that is quite diverse in terms of culture, religion, geography and even wildlife. There are so many exciting things for you to see as you travel by bus. Using the road as you travel offers you the opportunity to see more of Malaysia. The bus will be making many stops so you can see some of the attractions that make Malaysia truly unique.

The roads are excellent and the buses offer a smooth and comfortable ride. These are fitted with luxury seats and offer high class service for all passengers. All the major cities have bus stops so you do not have to worry about not being able to get close access. You can choose to spend each night at a different city to make your visit diverse. When you travel by bus, you also save money and there is no need for you to worry about airport checks.

During your trip, you can enjoy some of the Malaysian local food. This is made using locally available ingredients to create some of the world’s best Chinese delicacies. As you go through the different towns, you are going to taste very different dishes, each rich in its own flavors.

You can also enjoy some of the beautiful coasts on the Malaysian Peninsular. On the East coast, you can also enjoy places such as the Sarawak where you can go exploring in the jungles and visit the national parks. These parks have a wide variety of wildlife animals such as the famous Orangutan which is found at Sabah.

In Kuala Lumpur you can enjoy the luxury of a world class city. This also offers you a chance to see the famous Kuala Lumpur tower. If you still want to enjoy more of nature, you can visit the Kuala Lumpur bird park. There are so many exotic bird species that are colorful and rare in other parts of the world.

So Travel To Malaysia NOW!