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Old Johor Fort (Kota Johor Lama)

The Old Johor Fort is known to be the best defence built along Sungai Johor during the time of Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah II (1528-1564). The purpose of this was to serve as a protection among the local Malays who were fighting with the external invading forces. This was especially during the year of 1511 where Sungai Johor became the ruling centre and the protection fort to counter attack the Portuguese position in Malacca. But then during the year 1587, the fort was taken over by the Portuguese and the fort was completely burnt down and the assets and weapons were all taken away. So now if you happen to travel to Old Johor Fort, Johor- it will definitely bring you back to those moments where Johor was ruled by other forces.

How to travel to Old Johor Fort, Johor?

By Bus – You may get to the Kota Johor Lama by bus as its approximately 27 km from Kota Tinggi town, in Teluk Sengat.


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Location: Teluk Sengat, Kota Tinggi, 81920, Ayer Tawar 2, Johor.
Phone Number: 07-222 3590
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