Diwali / Deepavali is also known as “Festival of Lights” that is celebrated by all Hindu’s around he world. Celebrated very grandly in India, Mauritius, Singapore and Malaysia – Diwali is the time where families get together to seek blessings from the Lord and elders.

Then one will also take the chance to visit relatives and friend’s house to share to wish one another and enjoy this celebration in a bigger scale. For all who don’t know, Diwali celebration has history behind it.

One of the famous tale that is related to this celebration is when Lord Rama killed the demon, Ravana and returned from exile after 14 years to his kingdom.

Hence on this day, Hindu’s all around will light up their houses with lamps and beautiful decoration to show the happiness and prosperity of this festival. Some will even enjoy playing fire crackers and at the same time exchanging various sweets such as muruku and many more. So travel to Malaysia now to enjoy the beautiful colors of this festival!