Famous attractions in Malaysia

Malaysia provides the tourists with great attractions and experiences. In the peninsular Malaysia, one can get a blend of the Chinese, Malay and Indian tastes along with the modern capital of Kuala Lumpur. On the other hand, experiencing the Malaysian Borneo is like visiting the interesting jungles, tribes, peaks and orangutans of Malaysia. Altogether, Malaysia is a happy mix for its blend of luxury resorts, beautiful islands, colonial towns and tropical forests. Tourists from all over the world visit Malaysia and most of them are from the neighboring countries like Indonesia, India and Singapore.


The British developed the Cameron Highlands in 1920s which today forms one of the most well known and extensive hill stations of Malaysia. The population of the hill station is formed by the Indian, Chinese, Malay and some other groups of people. The renowned trails of the Cameron Highlands lead the tourists and the visitors through the forests and the waterfalls in the jungles. The tea plantation, jungle walks and visiting the sanctuary can be some other tours. George Town is mainly known for its unique cultural and architectural townscape and it also retains many houses of the colonial era till the present times. The town has a colorful evening life when the people crowd the street hawkers for their meals and drinks. Taman Negara or national park ( in Malay), is known to be one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests. One can have a view of the massive trees and waterfalls of this place. The canopy walkway of the place is the longest in the world and one can also enjoy the jungle treks. The place is known to shelter the endangered species like tigers, rhinos, Asian elephant and leopards but one can rarely see them.


The Pulau Tioman, is known to be one of the most beautiful islands of the world. Visiting the island is parallel to visiting paradise. The white coral reefs in large numbers surround the island and are a great place for the scuba divers. The interior of the island is densely forested. Mount Kinabalu has a height of 4095 meters and is the highest in Borneo. It has a great biodiversity with a large variety of biological and botanical species. Over 326 bird species, 100 species of mammals and 600 varieties of ferns have been discovered in the place. With the help of a guide, one can easily climb the peak of the mountain. The Petronas Twin Towers were known to be the tallest buildings of the world before 2004. The design of the glass façade resembles the motifs of Islamic art. The most popular holiday destination in Malaysia is the archipelago of Langkawi comprising of 99 islands. Here, one can not only find the white beaches but also the hills, jungles and the peaks. One can also find great restaurants here for enjoying a wonderful meal along with the other eateries.


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