Malaysia Travel Tips

Malaysia is a very interesting country to visit. It is not only rich in culture, but it also offers a variety of holiday genre. It is made up of three federal territories and thirteen states .It is divided into two regions, the west Malaysia which is also the key Malaysia peninsular and the East Malaysia that is connected to Indonesia and Brunei.

Malaysia offers a lot as a place for holiday destination. There exist places in the country that will surely satisfy diverse travel delights. Although it is quite cheap to get around in Malaysia, it is always advisable to check out for some important and useful information about the destination before you finally begin to travel. The following are some useful tips that you can use when traveling to Malaysia.

Trading time in Malaysia

You can actually enjoy all the day plus all the nights doing your shopping and dining in this country. The most common trading hours in Malaysia are however from ten in the morning to ten o’clock in the evening, all the week long.

Getting an auto rent in Malaysia.

If you make the decision to rent a car while on a visit to this beautiful country, either a national driving permit or an international driving license is needed. Drivers must meet the twenty three years old requirement. Malaysians observes the Keep left requirement and one should fasten his or her safety belts at all times. The maximum speed limit for owns as well as cities is sixty kilometers per hour while that reserved for expressways is a hundred and ten kilometers per hour.

Power connection in Malaysia

If one is visiting Malaysia, he or she must ensure that the electrical appliances that he or she have can withstand a voltage of two hundred and twenty to two hundred and forty volts AC, 50Hz. Mostly, the power plugs that are used in this country are either square shaped, or three pin. If the electrical devise you have do not go well with the given voltage and the appliance plug shape isn’t the same, you will have carry along a voltage converter plus a plug adapter.

Malaysia Travel Tips - Penang Bridge

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