Save money by bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands.

Traveling by bus across various cities in Malaysia as well as from or to Singapore is one of the most easiest and convenient way of getting to a destination. Taking coaches or express buses gives one a lot of choice and convenience for passengers to travel around at their very own preferred timing. If your in Singapore and planning to make a trip down to the neighboring country, Malaysia – then taking a coach from Singapore is the best option to be considered. There’s plenty of new in’s to be discovered in Singapore and states of Malaysia. Singapore’s presence as the bustling cosmopolitanism city gives a great outlook on high-rising buildings and a perfect living environment, not only for locals but for tourist to lure their heart on.

Save money by bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands.

As for Malaysia – it’s a country that will give anyone the most vibrant multicultural experience along with its great heritage, and ubiquitous discernment to be discovered along various cities and states within Malaysia. So whether your a business traveler, independent traveler or a resident of Malaysia or Singapore, there are heaps of activities aliened for one to do. If your seeking a greenery break along with some adventure in store, then the most ideal place would be Genting Highlands. Situated in the state on Pahang but very close by Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands is very well known for its casino and theme park. Thousands of people travel here every year for relaxation and entertainment, at the same time enjoying the chilled whether. Various modes of transports can be used to arrive to this destination.

If your hailing all the way from Singapore, hence one of the best method to travel from Singapore is to take a bus to Genting Highlands directly. Instead of changing transports and taking a long drive down, its always better to be driven. There are heaps of express buses that offers express bus services from Singapore to Genting Highlands.Listing some of the bus operators for your own traveling knowledge , it includes Transtar Travel, The One Travel & Tours, CitiExchange Express & Service, Konsortium (Singapore), Sri Maju and 707 Inc.

Each of this express bus operators has various pick-up and drop-off points to be offered, therefore travelers can always pick their preferred bus ticket to Genting Highlands from Singapore accordingly. Some of the pick-up[ points where travelers can embark at includes Tampines, Compass Point, Yishun, Golden Mie Complex, Peoples Park Centre, Boon Lay Shopping Centre, Queen Street and Jurong East. If you are traveling by MRT and looking for the nearest spot to take your bus from, then you may consider embarking at Lavender MRT. These coach bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands will alight its passengers at Mushroom Farm Bus Terminal – where all the hotels are just 20 minutes away from this terminal. If your planning to be dropped at any of the resort or hotel your staying, then Genting Resort Hotel would be the stop that your looking for.

Save money by bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands.

All in all, the journey by bus takes approximately 7 hours, which also depends on the traffic condition and customs clearance. Therefore, its advisable to travel with a proper meal before getting on a bus ride and do not forget your sweaters to keep you feel warm, either in bus or in Genting’s itself. During the journey, there will also be bus stops for you to ease yourselves and grab some bites.

In a nutshell, taking a is the best option if your coming all the way Singapore as the convenience received is great. Drivers drive you up safely to the heart of Genting’s and feel free to take a nap during this bus journey without any hassle. Bookings of Genting bus from Singapore can be done at anytime during the day, even last minute at

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