Top 10 shopping spots in Malaysia

Malaysia is not only a famous place for spending a vacation but it is the one of the most favorite places of the shopaholics of the whole world. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia has a large number of shopping malls. While staying at Kuala Lumpur, it becomes difficult for every tourist to decide which among the shopping malls should be visited and which can be skipped. If one has a serious spree of shopping, one should actually stay in a hotel at Bukit Bintang as most of the shopping malls are located in this particular area. Even the most well known 5-star hotels are here and hence, finding accommodation becomes quite easy. There are also other guest houses and hotels which are suitable for the budget travelers.


The KL Pavillion became an instant hit when it was first opened in 2007. This mall has different shops which caters the need of the general shopper. It also has different luxurious shops and is widely visited by the tourists for its awesome food court, restaurants along with the coffee shops and bars. The Suria KLCC is also one of the most famous shopping malls for a long time. It is called a tourist mall by the locals but it is also true that a huge number of people come here on the weekends to shop, hangout and relax with their friends and close ones.


Many shops in the Suria KLCC mall sell different international brands which are familiar to most of the people all across the globe and also carry the western sizes. Plaza Lowyat is a shopping mall selling IT, gadgets and other lifestyle products. It is small and remains crowded every time and hence is very noisy. Not all tourists will like this place. But this is the perfect place for the people who love gadgets as the shops sell phones, cameras, tablets, laptops and many other items. One can really apply the art of bargaining out here but it can be tough being successful.


The Midvalley Mega Mall & The Gardens is another great attraction. It is one of the biggest malls in the city. One can find here a large variety of products. The Gardens connected to the main mall has different exclusive brands. The Lot10 has great shops and it also has a National Geographer Flagship Store. The Chinese hawkers fill the food court. Farenheit88 has some of the great stores and is nearer to the KL Pavillion.

The clothing shops occupy a few floors along with the big department store of IT. 1Utama is a must visit. One can not only get every kind of products but can also taste the local dishes. The Sunway Pyramid is very much more than a shopping complex and has many restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, resorts and also a big water amusement park. The Curve and Berjaya Times Square are the two other shopping places that are a must visit.

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