Travel to Langkawi

Langkawi  is a cluster of 99 islands separated from Malaysia. Its beautiful  mountains, waterfalls, and beaches hold a record of earth’s history of a billion  years ago, a travel to Langkawi will teach one about the mystical islands that rose from seabeds and formed this beautiful land.


Langkawi has three very popular Geoparks: Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, Machinchang Cambrain Geoforest Park, and Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park that contain their own unique significance where visitors can explore and see its impressive rock formations, sea caves, wildlife, and waterfalls.

People and Culture:

When a travel to Langkawi is taken place one gets to spend time with its multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multilingual society. Many influences
on the island come from mainly Chinese and Indian cultures. Arts and crafts play a huge role in the culture and one will find many weave crafted baskets, woodwork, and silversmithing to pick up along the way. Music and dance are huge on the Islands and visiting Langkawi‘s main vein Pantai Cenang to attend major festivals and join the fun will make bring you right into the culture.

Geography and Weather:

The rainfall in Langkawi is 94in a year and its dry season are December-February. The Islands oldest geographical formation was the rise from seabed in Cambodia south east Asia. The island itself is about 32,000 m long, and it is the state of Kedah in northern Malaysia, but the total landmass is 47.848 m long. The coastal areas are flat with punctuated limestone ridges, and two thirds of the island is dominated by natural vegetation, forest-covered mountains, and hills.

The Get Around:

Langkawi Island can be reached by sea or air and once landed it is very easy to get around.  Cars, motorcycles, and bicycles can be rented. There is a main road that travels through the entire island, so there is no worries about getting lost.

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