Travel Tips

Malaysia Travel Tips


Now there are some universal Malaysia travel tips to help you in preparing for your trip:-

  • Tipping is not practiced in Malaysia. Tipping for taxi drivers or waiters is not common here though tips may be recognized at some upper-tier resorts and hotels.
  • Tap water should not be drunk as it’s not filtered. Buy mineral bottle water as its cheap and available almost everywhere.
  • Bring mosquito repellent and sunscreen along due to hot sun.
  • Carry along a converter to charge your electronics.
  • Prices are showed in ringgit (RM) thou the term “dollar” is sometimes used as an English translation of “ringgit”.
  • Shoes should be removed in advance before entering a guest house.
  • Vegetarian selections are obtainable at most restaurants in Malaysia.
  • Plagiarized electronic media, clothing and accessories and are quite usual at markets.
  • Exposed intake of alcohol and immodest clothing may be glared upon, especially in more remote and rural areas. So please be careful with what you wear.
  • Homosexuality is still an unmentionable subject in Malaysia. Gay travelers are recommended to refer to Utopia Asia for more information.
  • Drug trafficking can be illegal and be sentenced to death.


Safety Tips

The crime rates in Malaysia is much higher than Singapore, hence it’s always advisable to travel in big groups (not alone), not super crowded areas (but not deserted as crowded areas is usually famous for thefts). Also be careful if you’re taking a public transport late at night specially when your alone. Beware of the surrounding all the time too.