When To Go & Weather

Best Time To Visit Malaysia

Malaysia is a wonderful country filled with different food delicacies, rich culture and unique historical places. Some say that Malaysia is a mix of the modern world and developing nations with its various investments in technology and oil wealth, which is why it has attracted investors and tourists worldwide.

Best time to visit and travel to Malaysia are during the months of May-June, but make you have some guidance around. Given that there are a number of festivals and celebration on various places. However there are also tourists who opt to travel and visit during the celebration of the Chinese New Year If you are interested you may try to travel and visit Malaysia via express buses.

There are many express bus services provided from Singapore to Malaysia as the buses travel within the confines of Malaysia and at the same time to Singapore as well. Traveling to Malaysia by a bus is convenient although there are a lot of the cheaper planes to Kuala Lumpur. Below are the reasons why people opt to travel via bus.

1.) Riding the bus is more comfortable because of the spacious seats unlike on some plane rides wherein economic class seats are too narrow. Also bus tickets are cheaper than a plane ticket which helps you save more; there are no airport taxes and other charges which you mostly pay for airports.

2.) Total travel time is almost comparable; you won’t have to check in 2 hours prior to departure if you travel via bus. Mobile phones are also allowed inside the bus and chat with your loved ones from any part of the road. Added to that you can even take pictures of the places you passed by while on the bus.

3.) There is also bus entertainment available, you can watch a movie while traveling, there are also food served inside the bus, which is the same with airplanes. Another added feature is that buses traveling to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur even during the festive season are just an hour away which is comparable to riding an airplane.


Malaysia Weather

Malaysia is positioned very close to the equator; hence a warm sunny weather is certain in this tropical climate. Temperatures in Malaysia generally range from 32°C during noon to about 26°C at midnight. But like almost all the Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia also faces the monsoon season especially during the month from November and February yearly.

Anyhow, the temperature tend to be cooler if you are in the highlands such as Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands and Fraser’s Hill having temperatures ranging from about 17°C at night to about 25°C in the day.